Three Intersections

Traffic and safety data figured heavily in the determination of preferred intersection treatments, including the three locations where roundabouts are identified: Route 981/Route 819; Route 981/Route 2007; Route 981/Route 2021/Route 2027 (Norvelt). All three roundabouts in Section 1 will be single-lane roundabouts.

Route 981/Route 819 Roundabout

  • New roundabout configuration
  • Route 981 alignment shift
  • New culvert and stream relocation
  • New stormwater management basin

981 819 roundabout V1

981 state hecla roundabout v1

Route 981/Hecla Road/State Street Roundabout

  • New roundabout configuration
  • Shifts intersection north
    — Minimizes impact to Middle Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
  • Partnering with Mount Pleasant School District for roundabout landscaping and signage

Norvelt Roundabout

  • Consolidates three intersections into one roundabout intersection
  • Constructs roundabout outside existing roadway template
    — Minimizes impacts to businesses, residences, and public resources
  • Existing Route 981 to become park entrance
  • Route 981 extends north following the former trolley line

*NOTE 1: Aerial mapping pre-dates development. Design files and associated topo mapping include constructed site.

Norvelt roundabout v1